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The Shipping Company Foroohari was built in the year 1995 by Bijan Foroohari after his long experiences as Captain and has it’s office in the historic Port of Stade. Mr. Foroohari comes from an old Persian Seafarer Family and his love of Shipping was practically given to him from his childhood.

The contemplative and small city of Stade is located only 35 km away from the port of Hamburg which ranks among the biggest transhipment points of Europe and is easily accessible by car.

In the year of foundation the company started with the MV „Esperanza“, a 4.000 dwt container vessel, and it expanded in the following years steadily. By joining of the two newbuildings geared Container Vessels MV „BF Ipanema“ and BF „Copacabana“ delivered in 2009, the fleet expanded itself to 23 vessels and has kept it’s size by the end of 2012.

Considering the global competition for cost effective operation, decision was made in 2006 to build the newbuildings in China.

The Fleet Management is run by an experienced and qualified team of Master Mariners and Chief Engineers. This is strengthened by hand in hand cooperation of the management between the company and the vessels and achieving a smooth daily operation of the vessels in worldwide employments.

The specialized organisation and comprehensive expertise of each single vessel which is founded on the deployment of international and permanently skilled crew ensures the worldwide competitiveness of Foroohari Shipping Company and her operational efficiency.

The Company is examplarily on course for further success. The constant professionalism of the company is based on a functioning internal teamwork and the successful cooperation with well-known Partner-Companies. The constant analysis of the present markets ensures an efficient management and the company is well prepared for expected challenges.